I AGREE with the editor of the South Wales Argus (Kevin Ward) regarding Newport City Council’s “newspaper”, ‘Newport Matters’. The publication is a waste of public money. The content of the publication is, generally speaking, puerile and amateur. The publication appears to be targeted at the intellectually and educationally challenged.

However, in my opinion, most of today’s local and national newspapers seem to be filled with photographs of inconsequential’s, “celebrities”, and degenerate sociopathic criminals.

Back in the 20th century, colour photographs in newspapers were a novelty. The number of folk who owned a camera and took photographs could be counted in, perhaps, tens of thousands. In 2014, the number of cameras (and photographers), of one sort or another, can now be counted in tens of millions. Moreover, most of these cameras can transmit images across the planet. Newspapers should give more space to educated and informed public opinion. This is more interesting to readers. So, let’s hear more from ‘citizen lion’ and less from the ‘political donkeys’.

Brian Hayes Clearwell Court, Newport