LAST week a community-minded individual took a can from the road and placed it in my recycling bin, which was awaiting collection. The kindly soul who was happy to keep the roads free of litter did the right thing. However because he placed it in the bag for plastics, none of my re cycling was collected.

One solitary can, which, had the idiot ash bin man used one iota of intelligence and discretion could with ease have been placed in the appropriate container.

Laziness, incompetence and a disgrace when one considers that these people are employed to serve the community. Newport City Council is about to launch into a new and vigorous round of enforced re cycling. Smaller bins, paper bags and an even greater demand on Joe Public to do their job for them.

The legislation for this is accompanied, as usual, by the threat of massive fines if we do not comply. I agree wholeheartedly with the principles of waste reduction but will someone in government please take Newport City Council in hand and give them some serious lessons in Public Relations. Their appalling attitude is in desperate need of some recycling.

Jan Preece Newport