I’M SURE that people have heard the heart-breaking stories of baby girls being aborted in countries like China and India because they aren’t considered as ‘valuable as boys. But these aren’t just happening thousands of miles away. They’re happening in Britain. A recent undercover operation exposed gender-based abortions here. Doctors involved knew that the gender of the baby wasn’t a sufficient legal reason to allow the abortions, so they falsified the forms in the process. You’d think that when all this came to light, the doctors would be prosecuted for breaking the law, and measures would be taken to protect baby girls. Sad to say, the useless Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) passed the buck, stating “it would not be in the public interest” to prosecute. After much outrage from the general public, they made a further statement. The CPS knowing the law had been broken, didn’t condemn the doctor’s actions but supported its own decision not to prosecute, and passed the buck to the General Medical Council to deal with the matter. As we can all see from this hypocrisy, the unborn child as no protection, whatsoever under British law. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

Norman Plaisted Vivian Road Newport