RON JONES sadly passed away after waiting far too long for a life saving operation. His partner Pam wants answers as to why people in Wales wait so long, and quite right too.

The average waiting time in England is 38 weeks, in Wales its 180 weeks, would someone like to explain why?

My youngest sister had open heart surgery in January, a few days after her 50th birthday, she was told she needed this op aged 46. She was desperate by then and wouldn’t have lasted much longer without the op. She can’t praise the hospital staff highly enough, it’s not their fault, she suffered far too long.

She doesn’t drink or smoke, she was told she was probably born with the problem, it wasn’t picked up on until she was 46, its unacceptable people in Wales are treated years later than people in England. Why is this allowed to happen? I’m sure people in Wales would be happy to cross a bridge if it meant getting earlier operations, these operations don’t just change lives, they save lives, so waiting times are unacceptable.

People fly here for operations, sort Welsh patients first please.

Mrs M Reynolds Newport