IT FILLS me with fear and dread that the Silk Report has actually suggested that that lot down on the Bay should be given more powers.

Considering the record of all parties in running our country, over the years, neither have covered themselves with glory, with the health service and education system being two highly important areas that have been poorly served.

Carwyn Jones’ comment when being criticised this week was: “We know we have a lot of challenges ahead for the country”. Yes, challenges that he and his like have caused to be taken up.

Also, in the Argus’s story about the Silk Report, of Tuesday this week, former Welsh government minister, Jane Davidson said that the largest group of people in Wales do want the Assembly to have more power. What largest group? Again, no explanation of whom they might be, but I’ll bet that that ‘group’ turn up every day in the glass house on the Bay.

Nigel Corten Newport