EVERYONE accepts that local authorities have to make difficult decisions in these days when finance is tight. Sometimes cuts in services that are important to people are made.

However, what is not acceptable is a lack of consultation when cuts have to be made. I refer in particular to the decision by Labour-controlled Caerphilly County Borough Council to close the public toilets in Newbridge. In particular, the failure of the authority to consult with councillors, the Newbridge Partnership and, most importantly, the public. This decision to close the public toilets is very disappointing because apart from being well used by people it marks the withdrawal of another facility from our town. Considerable European investment has been made to improve the town centre and now we will have a boarded up eyesore right in the middle of our town. Caerphilly council really needs to engage with the public before decisions are made.

Councillors Lyn Ackerman and Kath Baker Newbridge Ward Caerphilly