THIS is a letter to give praise to the NHS for all they did recently for my wife.

Sadly, on 12th January, Jeanette had a serious cardiac arrest at home at about 7.45 in the evening. I called 999 and the ambulance arrived in less than 15 minutes (and I live in a rural spot some five miles out of Abergavenny. During the “wait” the operator talked me through resuscitation.

The paramedics when they arrived worked so hard as well before taking is all to Nevill Hall Hospital. There the care and compassion was wonderful and better than one could hope for.

This applied to everyone, the paramedics, the nurses, doctors, consultants, auxiliaries, receptionists, car park attendants (one went out of his way to help my distressed daughter) – no matter whom we saw. It all was in total contrast to the recent media reports about lack of care. Sadly, in spite of all of this, my wife, Jeanette, died.

All of this is so pleasing for me as for several years I was the cabinet member for social services and health for Monmouthshire County Council, as well as a member of a LHB.

Then, I did, from time to time, complain about some services, especially the ambulance services. But this personal experience was outstanding.

But the main object of this letter is to praise the individuals involved.

Brian Hood MBE Monmouthshire