I AM not surprised people are suspicious of politics and politicians. Last night Plaid Cymru tried to get an amendment to Caerphilly County Borough Council chief officers’ pay structure, suggesting a reduction. While we are all feeling the effects of the current UK government austerity measures, I believe this was entirely a cynical move on their part to look good in the press. Why? Because in April 2013 they actually voted for that very pay structure.

The controlling Labour group in Caerphilly council is sincerely trying to improve the lives of council staff and residents of the county borough and we are not interested in cynical moves to create public favour by getting involved with attempts to reduce anyone’s standard of living.

We believe in a fair salary for all of our staff, this is why we implemented the living wage for all of our employees.

Plaid needs to consider where they stand regarding this, as it seems they are joining the Tories with a ‘race to the bottom’ philosophy when it comes to pay and conditions for workers in Wales.

Cllr Kevin Dawson Blackwood Gwent