THE WELSH Government really does have a wonderful sense of priorities. Patients dying of heart complaints while waiting in overlong queues for treatment, education standards in schools on a never-ending decline and pot-holed roads all over the Principality. But who cares when the chance to rub shoulders and partake in photo opportunities with film stars and celebrities beckons?

I refer of course to the £30 million package to encourage Pinewood Studios to build near Newport, (Hollywood it isn’t) and as reported on BBC Wales on the 11th March, a further £30 million towards the proposed racing circuit in Ebbw Vale, (hardly Monte Carlo).

The film industry, like the world of fashion is permanently in ‘hock’ to public taste and many a ‘turkey’ has gone straight to DVD. The race-track, considering its location could spend half its life fog-bound, which pretty well sums up the mindset of those in the WAG who like to throw tax-payers’ money at these schemes.

Mr A. Greenhalgh Ross Street Newport