TERRY Banfield has asked for an explanation about our letter in November asking for views on a new rent policy and then our latest letter about the new policy and this year’s rent increase.

The examples Bron Afon gave last November were to show how some tenants were paying higher rent than others, even though they had fewer bedrooms or a flat instead of a house.

We received more than 1,200 responses during this consultation and want to thank everyone who gave their view, which was something our Board especially wanted to hear.

The vast majority of tenants who got in touch told us they were keen for the new policy to untangle the situation and make rents fair and easy to understand.

Our Board have decided that from April, Bron Afon’s rents will be moved up or down over time to reach the amount they have set for a property, which is based on the number of bedrooms, property type and where it is in Torfaen.

The Bron Afon Board decided that during this first year of the new policy, a tenant’s rent should go up or down by £2 alongside the annual inflation increase of 4.2%. This is so that all tenants move towards the new rents in the same way, to be fair to everyone.

Ian Simpson Director of community housing and support Bron Afon Community Housing