CAMERON and his government plan to seize numerous items from benefit cheats such as valuables, TVs, cars, and iPads and so on.

While I wholeheartedly agree with this stance, I hope that includes the likes of members of the House of Lords obtaining money for work not undertaken.

Members of Parliament receiving money they are not morally allowed, simply because they say it is within the rules.

Businesses that place money in offshore accounts cheating our government and us out of a reasonable standard of living.

Bank directors’ bonuses taking money out of our hard earned money without our consent.

Businesses that close down in mainland Britain and relocate to other countries leaving us with rising employment benefits etc.

The list is endless.

Around £1.2 billion pounds is estimated as the cost of benefit fraud, this amount would fall into significance if all the aforementioned were retrieved by this so called government that states we are all in this together. Wake up Britain and get this Con-Dem government out.

Ken V Holder Hill Street Risca