I HAD a ‘Jobsworth’ knocking the door this morning from the refuse department.

I have had an orange top wheelie bin for the last few weeks since my normal wheelie bin was changed to the smaller one and I requested an orange top which I have not used yet as I haven’t done any gardening yet.

This person wasted money on petrol to come back today to say that they had not emptied my orange top because it had a tetrapack in it which I had not put there.

I have now been issued with a warning letter saying that if I don’t use the orange top for garden waste then they will take it off me.

For many years, I have been taking my garden rubbish to the tip myself and have always recycled.

As I was driving over George Street Bridge recently, a 4x4 with a brand new 2014 registration number pulled up beside me covered in Newport City Council logos.

How dare they waste money on brand new vehicles when they are putting up our council tax every year without explaining what they are wasting our money on!

Mrs P Taylor, Conway Road, Newport