I replicate a letter sent to me by an elderly lady: I attend two nights a week at Newport Centre for line dancing classes which start at 8.30pm. Before the bus services changed, I caught the 8pm bus which dropped me off at the old bus station and I only had yards to walk. When the bus no longer went anywhere near there, I walked down Charles Street, across John Frost Square, down the steps and across to Newport Centre. Now I have to walk down Stow Hill, past the Potters, and cross to the central reservation, which is cobbled and unsafe, because the pavement has been blocked off, to get to there. Last night, the last few yards had also been blocked off and three men in the hut told me I had to walk around to get to Newport Centre. Is the council trying to stop people going to Newport Centre? Why is it making life so difficult for us all? It’s bad enough to battle with weather without having to cope with walking in such a roundabout route to get there. No wonder the class numbers have dropped.

Gerry S Rose, Dewsland Park Road, Newport