THE days when Labour politicians cared about what ordinary people think have clearly gone.

I recently wrote a critical but polite email to Carwyn Jones, the First Minister of the Welsh Assembly, about the current state of the NHS in Wales. I did not receive an acknowledgement, let alone a reply from him or his office.

When Caerphilly CBC was in the news regarding the outrageous pay increases to its officers, I telephoned and wrote to Harry Andrews, leader of the Council on several occasions and had no response from him either!

Clearly, some Labour politicians feel that they are too important to have to consider the views and feelings of people like me who regularly used to vote for them. Consequently, It is unlikely that Labour will ever have my vote again. Why should I, vote for it when even the most basic courtesies seem alien to its senior representatives? It is sad to see what Labour has become. It seems to me that the notion of public service has been replaced by notions of self-importance and indifference.

S L Morgan, North Road, Newbridge