MONMOUTH MP David Davies has insulted those of his constituents who occasionally support national campaigns run by an organisation called 38degrees ( Locally there are over 6,000 of them.

38degrees is a non-party political campaigning organisation that takes up a wide range of issues. What Mr Davies clearly does not understand is that 38degrees supporters come from all age groups, religions, all political perspectives, and from purely personal perspectives. During a recent parliamentary session Mr Davies labelled 38degrees members an “a completely unreliable group of left-wingers” who masquerade as “happy-go-lucky students”. He is clearly unaware there are 2,500,000 of them nationally.

He also said that MPs should “take dangerously large pinches of salt with anything that comes out of that organisation”. It you look at recent 38degrees campaigns your will see supporters from churches of all denominations, and most of the national voluntary organisations. There are also many local organisations and thousands of thinking individuals.

Between them they cover everything from overseas aid to vulnerable children, including those working with the mentally and physically sick and disabled. Mr Davies’ blinkered vision has blinded him to the fact that a large proportion of the supporters are of mature years, certainly not “happy-go-lucky students” let alone “left wing”. Dr A Pantlin Abergavenny