ANN Greagsby is entitled to her views on cannabis but her insinuation that Pippa Bartolotti’s support for the legalisation of this substance is motivated by the “hope of political gain” is fatuous and insulting.

There are no votes to be had from advocating the legalisation of cannabis- the media have made sure of that- although it hardly needs saying that two much more widely used and dangerous drugs – alcohol and nicotine- are perfectly legal.

The arguments for and against the legalisation of cannabis are more finely balanced than Anne Greagsby imagines.

Drug taking for any but medical purposes should be discouraged but I have not seen any unambiguous evidence linking cannabis with cancer.

If cannabis is smoked mixed with tobacco than it is almost certain that it is the tobacco that will cause the cancer.

Apart from tobacco the main causes of non-infectious lung disease are occupational exposure to various dusts and atmospheric pollution. So let’s ban cars and lorries shall we?

I do not underestimate the mental health effects of cannabis but if someone finds that this substance gives them relief from chronic pain then they should be permitted to use it in full knowledge of the risks. All strong pain killers carry side effects- some of them quite unpleasant.

Clive Shakesheff Lewis Way, Chepstow