MANY thanks to Anne Clwyd for her continuing campaign to have an inquiry into the Welsh Health Service.

Anne Clwyd, as a Member of Parliament, is well known for her campaigning, her honesty and integrity.

Instead of accepting Anne Clwyd’s painful personal testimony and conducting an inquiry, Carwyn Jones and Cabinet members of the Assembly publically ridiculed her. Like Ann, I know from my own experience as a county councillor that many people who make complaints prefer to remain anonymous, for fear of being victimised.

This is the second high profile complaint that the Welsh Government has received, and in both cases they rubbished the claims. British university researchers conducted an inquiry into cross border services, and found that within the Welsh health service, Welsh hospitals had a much higher incidence of death than the English and Northern Irish regions. When they put their concerns to Welsh Government, they were accused of acting as tools for Cameron and the Tory Government. When our Welsh Government ministers behave in this way, they not only let down those concerned members and the professionals, they let down the people and they let down our Labour Party.

Give Anne Clwyd and the people their inquiry into the Welsh health service.

Ray Davies Pandy Road Bedwas