ROAD safety charity Brake (Argus, April 2) has revealed great support for 20mph speed limits around schools and on residential streets.

The Welsh Assembly has announced a £5 million fund for safe routes, including cycle lanes, footpaths, 20mph zones and traffic-calming measures.

Nineteen councils in Wales have secured a slice of the fund, some up to £500,000. Hopefully, Newport City Council will receive a hefty slice of the money to replace the unfit-for-purpose speed humps on many of our residential streets and stricter traffic controls (signposting, etc) by Gwent Police and Newport City Council Streetscene.

I have witnessed numerous near misses on Caerleon Road and St Julian’s side streets. and unfortunately a fatal collision, thankfully not a pedestrian, but a poor low-flying pigeon!

A housing development for 248 homes is planned by our Labour council in the near vicinity (Glebelands, contaminated site), increasing traffic congestion and poisonous air pollution in the heavily populated St Julian’s area.

It would be interesting to know if the Welsh Labour Assembly, especially Transport Minister Edwina Hart, approves of this flawed plan.

Brian Donovan Darlington Court Newport