HOW dare that idiot Clegg attack the NHS in Wales. His party’s collusion with the Tories is trying to privatise the NHS in England by stealth.

The NHS in Wales isn’t perfect but it’s still not yet been taken over by privatisation as large parts of the NHS in England have been.

Only this morning I read that Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells paid £1,800 to one nurse to cover a 12-hour shift on a bank holiday because of staff shortages. This is insane when they won’t even give nurses a one percent pay rise.

Doctors in England have been driven to form their own political party to try to save the NHS. The only reason these morons keep attacking the Welsh NHS is because they want to undermine public confidence and sell it to the highest bidder.

Save our NHS. Let’s start a national health action party in Wales as we all seem to have lost confidence in today’s political parties.

Ann Poyser Stockton Road Newport