I HELP to run Line Dancing Classes at the Newport Centre on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Tuesday mornings.

Since everything has changed, regarding where the buses drop our dancers off, we have noticed a dip on people attending the evening classes. As a good proportion of our dancers are older, and some are single who do not drive, they feel it is too risky to have to walk so far after dark, to get to the Newport Centre. Apparently some of them have to walk from the back of the train station to attend our classes, whereas before they would get off the bus at the old bus station and have a very short, well lit walk.

I quite agree with the lady who wrote to Gerry Rose. The dancers come out in all the dreadful weather we have had lately, because they love dancing. But to have to face the ordeal of the circuitous route to the Centre is too much to expect. Hence the drop in numbers.

We are hoping now that the light evenings are here, it will persuade people to return to our dance classes. But of course they still have to think about walking to wherever they catch their bus home after the class finishes at 10.30pm Newport City Council is keen to get people, especially older people, to enjoy more exercise. We hope that something can be done soon to resolve this problem.

Vee O’Brian Newport