THE GOOD news is that Jim Dyer (Argus 1.4.14) continues objecting to the Newport Labour Council’s proposed 248 homes on the Glebelands Park contaminated site, and tells us that he is “not the only one who hasn’t put “my” objection in writing”. The bad news is that the planning committee will not consider hearsay or street-talk, but a request by Jim Dyer or any other Newport citizen to address the committee is probably possible. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know this. I can take criticism and sarcasm, but it is inexcusable to accuse me of saying the Council is stupid. The repeated twaddle from Jim Dyer is not surprising. In the recent past, he has tried to denigrate my referring to air pollution in Newport, traffic congestion, dogs’ mess in our streets, litter, vandalism etc. I wonder if he needs a pen-pal or does he just enjoy discounting anybody else’s opinions.

Brian Donovan Darlington Court Newport