WHY IS it that jobseekers allowance recipients (JSAs) who are five minutes late for a job interview get deprived of their benefit (£71 weekly) meaning their livelihood for four weeks for the first infringement as it’s called, of the “rules”, three months for the second, or three years for the third. While bankers, traders, hedge funds, financiers, and private equity managers who have corruptly stolen hundreds of millions of pounds from the public purse suffer no punishment at all?

Well because they contribute more than one quarter of all the Tories private donations, hello!! So they will never be punished, but people forced to rely on JSA which they have earned through national income contributions through their working life, are demonised, if chief executives, board members, and top managers were banged up with lengthy jail sentences perhaps their behaviour might change.

Mr T King Five Locks Road Cwmbran