DO WE really strive for the right things in life? “Key Date on Adolescence 2013” published by the Association for Young People’s Health (AYPH) covers an amazing range of statistics. But what stood out was the phrase “More needs to be done to support lone parents to prevent young people being adversely affected by poverty”.

Since the 1970s the number of lone-parent families has doubled. Those children did not choose the family into which they were born and yet have found themselves in a group that on average is disadvantaged.

“More needs to be done to avoid so many children being born into lone-parent families.” We live in a time where to comment on individual freedom to choose a particular lifestyle is dangerously controversial.

Some lone parents will cope brilliantly with everything that life throws at them and their children, but by any measure (and on average) children brought into a married family do better than any other children.

If one believes that marriage represents the best model, why should we and the government not do more to actively promote it?

At least then children who have no choice as to which family they are born into would have a better chance overall.

Often treating the cause of a problem is better than just controlling the symptoms.

Norman Plaisted Vivian Road Newport