YOUR comments regarding the draconian implementation of the Welsh Language Act struck a chord with me. If only for the fact that I have been calling for the Act to be curtailed for years.

No one will ever convince me that the way that it has been forced on us, at what must have been a cost of millions of pounds by now, has been proportionate to the lack of success obtained. It has been an albatross around the neck of local governance for far too long.

The main stumbling block to finding an equitable solution to the subject has been the fanatical insistence, of the Welsh Nationalists, that any move to rationalise the debate is a threat to their dream of independence. It matters not that the vast majority are more concerned with other pressing matters regarding their quality of life.

As a Labour Party member, I have to accept that it has to bear it’ share of the dissatisfaction that is evident in this part of the world. To gain power by agreeing to this Act was a very big step too far.

Len Price Manor Park, Newbridge