I ALONG with some work colleagues decided to travel by train to the “judgement day” rugby event at the Millennium Stadium.

We along with quite a number of fans awaited the train at Cwmbran railway station, only to find that it was the “normal” two car 10.50 train to Cardiff which was already full with people standing in the corridors as it came in.

Those of us who were lucky enough to get on the train were crammed in and unable to move, leaving some disappointed passengers on the platform with no relief train following.

I have absolutely no doubt that our train was overcrowded and therefore Arriva Trains Wales must be breaking the law by permitting this to occur. To add insult to injury, on the return journey they kept passengers queuing outside in the pouring rain and only permitting them into the station when the actual train pulled in.

Once again we were confronted by a totally inadequate two car train and this time very officious Arriva Trains staff blocked the doors to the nearest carriage, only permitting passengers onto the first carriage until once again it was completely overcrowded, they then opened the second carriage for the same result.

Arriva Trains Wales are an absolute shambles and totally undeserving of the franchise if they cannot foresee that demand would outstrip resources at such times, but I suspect that it is the way of the privatised rail industry, profit before service, there is no doubt in my mind that they made a small fortune with all the extra revenue they made from this event, and not putting on additional resources to cope with the extra demand, they and the shareholders are laughing all the way to the bank and bringing the concept of public service to an all time low.

Oh for the old BR days!

A Bond Tramway Close Cwmbran