CAN I thank Karen Jenkins of Cefn Forest, Caerphilly for having the courage to stand up for her rights, by appealing and winning her case against the hated bedroom tax.

The Department for Work and Pensions tribunal agreed with Karen that a room measuring 66sq feet is too small to be classified as a bedroom.

Karen is now a beacon of hope for those who have fallen into the poverty trap, who are forced to resort to the ever expanding food banks and menaced by loan sharks.

Many of those suffering from this killer tax have the same small room designated a bedroom, which may be needed to store medical equipment or for a carer to stay overnight.

Everyone affected by the bedroom tax must appeal and help kick the government’s benefits cuts into the political dustbin.

I shall be writing to our Welsh MPs asking them to take up in Parliament the issue of classification, as well as to the Welsh local government association and the DHSS itself.

If this Tory government thinks they can solve the financial problems caused by their greedy banker friends, with their relentless attacks on the disabled and disadvantaged, they have a shock coming. The fight back has started to roll. And we won’t stop until we have rolled it over Cameron, Clegg, and all their nasty policies.

Ray Davies Pandy Road Caerphilly