THE LATEST announcement by the Assembly that Cardiff Airport is still making a loss and we should expect it breaking even no time soon come as no surprise. This comes on top of the inflated price tag of £54 million that they paid for an airport that was running at a loss and I understand no other parties were interested in bidding for.

An eager seller and no prospective buyers should have secured a fire sale, not in the case of the WAG I suspect the airports operator could not believe there luck when the clueless Carwyn gave them a call.

What made a bunch of career civil servants and career politicians with no experience of running any business of any make model or description think they could run this business?

An experienced airport operator that runs airports all around the world could not I’m unsure.

The fact nobody else was interested should have also rung alarm bells but not the great commandant Jones.

Remember this is an airport that already receives huge subsidies, 1 million per annum, to fly an empty plane to Anglsey (albeit for the conveniences of two of the assembly members) and an odd million to run a mainly empty bus between the centre and the airport.

I have emailed the Assembly several times asking how much the losses stand at now but no figure can be given.

C Bradley Caerleon Road Newport