THIS is my last letter on the Brian Donovan ‘feud’ but I doubt he will stop (24/4). Let’s put a few matters straight.

Firstly, you not only started the nasty insults on my rather innocuous letter about the effect of the bad weather on the Glebelands, you then continued pumping away about the proposed new houses. You brought me into all sorts of issues which I never raised. Your words were vicious and I responded.

As your address is on your printed letter, I can’t see a problem there. For the record, I meant your neighbours not just one of them.

And, I was visited by four of your neighbours, at different times, the day after, thanking me for my letter.

The rest of your letter make little sense: again you suggest if I can’t take criticism ‘get out of the kitchen’. By and large it is only you who is so belligerent and nasty, so I will take no notice of that daft remark.

Finally, my adverse comments about your other posts. No, the issues are quite sensible Brian. Sadly, you never frame your arguments properly and keep reiterating the same stuff week after week.

Jim Dyer Stockton Road Newport