IN A RECENT letter to the South Wales Argus, I suggested that any future city museum should have a virtual reality simulation facility. For example, simulating sailing in the Newport Ship in medieval times. From what I read in John Phillips’ article (South Wales Argus Saturday 26th April 26), there now appears to be sufficient information about the Ship to be able to start developing the simulation software.

A Newport Ship simulation could, for example, simulate sailing along the River Usk, as far as Caerleon. It could show Newport Castle and township; the remains of the unique Roman Docks on the banks of the Usk (which would have been visible in those times). A simulation could also be made of the Ship sailing up the River Bilbao, to the ancient Basque city of Bilbao – the Ship may have been made in or near Bilbao. Incidentally, Bilbao still has the predecessor version of Newport Transporter Bridge.

The simulation software could be marketed worldwide. It is likely to be attractive to many top museums and universities. The revenue from the simulation package could pay towards the preservation of the ship. It could also pay towards the cost of building a new museum in Newport City centre.

Brian Hayes Clearwell Court Newport