WELL said, Mr Plaisted! I’ll wager that the scientist referred to is the one who states that the first self-replicating molecule, the key to the creation of life, came about by “accident”.

The medical scientist Professor Stephen Palmer writes: “Unfortunately, most lay people are beguiled by the aura of science into thinking that scientific textbooks are the last word in truth. But they may contain just as many errors and limitations as the people who write them, and they will consistently propound dogma which upholds the self-esteem of science.”

A reading of the early chapters of 1st Corinthians shows that the wisdom of men and the wisdom of God are irreconcilable. Men may speak while God will act, and it is the actions of God, past, present, and future, which will be the deciding factor, not the conjectural words of men.

Tom McCarthy Gaer Park Parade Newport