STRANGE that letter writers Ray Davies and Wendy Lewis (Argus 16th April) seemed to regard the counter-demo against the 40 days for life vigil as “tolerant” (sic)!

The letter depends on us picking up their obvious antipathy to “Fundamentalists” – and Americans.

Since I am not American, I could go home from my stint at 40 days on the local bus.

The slogans chosen in their defence of foeticide were also calculated to offend all Christians of whatever sort – several millions of fellow UK citizens. And because they chose to be bookish about it, and rubbish the scriptures held sacred by so many, I suppose by implication they also have an animus against any of my Muslin, Jewish or Sikh brothers and sisters who try to “live by the book” and follow their maker’s instructions.

The counter-demonstrators also showed an appalling intolerance towards people praying, even praying for them, as well as praying for the abortion workers who see every day the consequences of what they do.

And the greatest measure of intolerance, judging from certain signs and slogans, was towards the weakest and least culpable citizens in the whole debate – namely pre-birth children of whatever size, colour, sex or parentage.

So, to me, indulging in anti-religious obscenities in St Mary Street in Cardiff would not seem to be the most inclusive or creative method of tackling these important questions.

Joseph Biddulph Ebenezer Street Pontypool