WITH all of us encouraged to recycle, and the council under pressure to meet targets to avoid paying land fill tax, why don’t they adopt a system that has been set up in a few areas of the country.

An area needs to be set aside at the waste recycling centre where people can bring items that are in good condition, but they don’t want. These items can then be available for people to view and take away for a small donation that can be given to support local charities.

I have seen really good items thrown in the skips which is heartbreaking. Recently, I had an old greenhouse taken down and there were quite a few good pieces of glass which someone could have made use of, but at the tip were told they only recycle bottles so they had to be thrown in a skip. There was one gentleman who had 3 panes, but think how the rest could have been set aside for people to take away, especially as they cost £5 each to buy new! What a waste!

Eleanor Price Ebenezer Drive Rogerstone