BEFORE the current fog over the Crimea there were those in Britain who sought to revise the First World War and claim it as a source of national pride and dress up the deaths of 13 million+ as a price worth paying in a “just war”. Were the millions of workers led into a war between ruling elites of bankers and aristocrats “lions led by donkeys” or true sons of freedom defending all that was good in Britain?

The debate is a smokescreen to hide one of the greatest mass murders in history, it’s hardly surprising those who want to celebrate the generals and spirit of Empire and claim the war as “just” are the privileged great-grandchildren of the “donkeys”. War weary Brits know the current conflict has the same roots as previous conflicts between elites, the gangster capitalism of the Russian oligarchs versus the free market plunderers of the neoliberal European club, the lessons then, as now, are the same, a lot of our people die, the rich pillage, and their pride is our shame,(“all wars are fought for money” Socrates 470-399 BC) Mr T King Five Locks Road Cwmbran