WHY DOES Torfaen Council demand ever increasing recycling rates for household rubbish, year on year? Well here’s your answer; from January 2015 The Water (England and Wales) Act comes into force.

Regulation 13 of the existing act has been changed to make councils segregate waste more stringently. Guess who told our national government to draft this act. Got it in one, the EU Waste Framework Directive demands all signatory EU nations to comply through their national governments. We will have monthly collections of waste, like it or not. Because the EU forces us to.

Sorry Cllr Cunningham, the consultation is meaningless. I wish you told us the above, then we would understand better what will happen. What residents think will be ignored. Democracy is based on full disclosure; not hiding the truth.

Alas, I fear yet again that thanks to the EU, it is about to be thrown into the dustbin of history.

Jonathan Williams Talywain