AM I the only Welshman who is petrified by a Yes vote in Scotland in the Autumn Referendum on independence?

The fact all political parties represented in the Better Together anti-independence block seem to have made a complete hash, of their message, leads me to consider the awful consequences of our northern cousins leaving the Union.

In fact I believe that the antics of the governing party have made a Yes vote more likely than ever.

Wales’ political voice will disappear in Westminster should the Scots opt to go it alone.

Without Scotland, the House of Commons see a Tory majority in perpetuity.

Wales, with its traditional anti-Tory voting record will become an isolated province.

What really scares me is that if Scotland ploughs its own furrow, complete with European membership and in the Euro zone, and the UK leaves the European Union would there be voices in the traditional unionist camp in the Bay that may argue for a separate Wales?

Would some of our Labour AMs and Lib Dem AMs be tempted by independent political power in its own right?

I am really saddened that our own elected representatives in Wales have been strangely silent in vocally supporting the Better Together message.

Is the constant request for additional powers and additional members for the Assembly really a ploy to begin the process of a fully separate administration in Cardiff?

I hope not.

The views expressed are mine.

Andy Whitcombe West End Abercarn