THE forthcoming European elections raised a few issue in our local deaf club, e.g. why we never saw any potential candidate explain a policy to us, from one year to the next. Many deaf in Gwent were as a result not involved in any of the elections that go on. Why aren’t minority sectors like the communication impaired considered when those queuing up for the gravy trains want our vote?

Such arrogance they can ignore the disabled voters with complete impunity. There are ten million people with hearing loss in the UK, can they afford to ignore them? Yes they can, because they keep us in ignorance and in the dark, thus creating the apathy that lets them lots of money in Europe. Our club has seen a whole generation of adults who felt it pointless to vote at all because we are ignored, by society, and, by our political representatives. Spare a thought for these people.

Mervyn James Kensington Grove Newport