IN HIS letter “Only one vote” Argus letters Wed May 7, Andrew Nutt tells us the only thing to do is vote for Plaid Cymru if we want to register a protest about what Labour is doing or is failing to do.

Though he could be right, it’s something I feel rather sad about the Welsh having to do, vote against Labour!

Are you sure you are being absolutely fair to Labour Andrew? As far as I can make out Leanne Wood’s Plaid does indeed appear to have a lot of integrity, but as a lifelong Labour voter I have to ask are you being absolutely fair? I feel obliged to point out that the coal mines and the ironworks were all owned by Welsh businessmen when several decades ago Wales was treated so badly.

So, it’s not inevitable that all Welsh people love Wales or the Welsh workers. Sadly, I think in this case you could be right and that voting for Plaid could be the best idea. I’m not simply grumbling Andrew, it’s more of a lament that dumping Labour seems to be becoming a strategy in both Scotland and Wales and it makes my heart sink.

Walt Jackson Llantrisant Usk