WE HAVE a council in Blaenau Gwent which, in trying to reduce its financial deficit, has raised council taxes, which have been some of the highest in the principality, and far above the rate of inflation.

It has also imposed cuts in public services which has had adverse effect upon the electorate as a whole. Despite repeated calls by the electorate to reduce the number of councillors to reduce the deficit it appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

Councillors cling to their seats and with such tenacity it would make a limpet feel proud. We are a small borough of 68,000 people and we have 42 councillors, one councillor for every 1,500 people give or take a few at a cost to the council taxpayer of almost one million pounds per year.

In contrast Torbay council in Devon has a population of 131,000 and has 36 councillors. If the same ratio was applied in Blaenau Gwent we would have 19 councillors, saving the council taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds per year.

What is the difference between Torbay and Blaenau Gwent? Is the council taxpayer getting value for money?

Ralph Hanney Commercial Road Aberbeeg