KEVIN Ward’s article in the SWA 15 May, The Editor’s Chair, and his view about the Nato conference and the lasting benefits that Wales, and in particular South East Wales, could expect from such an event is spot on.

We need people like Kevin, and also Simon Gibson who he highlighted in his editorial, to keep lobbying the mandarins in Cardiff Bay and beyond, including our own civic leaders to take action and not to continually walk and talk.

The M4 relief motorway is a good example of protracted debates and consultations and wasted finances, and a letter writer in the same edition of the SWA discusses the benefits of Ebbw Valley rail link to Newport and Ebbw Vale.

How many years has that been tabled?

The Ebbw Valley rail link debate will rumble on because of the politics of the Bay and anything east of Cardiff benefitting from a good idea.

Let’s hope in anticipation that we all benefit through the Nato summit and other conference events.

To end, it’s good to see some construction work finally under way in Newport City centre.

Now let’s get a permanent home for the Newport Ship, a ship of historical significance that it is attracting worldwide interest.

Just think of the visitors and investment we could attract to the area, albeit through Bristol Airport.

Richard Lockett Malpas Newport