I AM both very angry and somewhat very sad at the forthcoming demise of the transporter bridge in Newport.

You ask ‘the forthcoming demise?’ no doubt, but demise it will be.

I, with my daughter and her husband, along with my two grandsons, enjoy a trip over the river via the transporter bridge, something we do almost every two weeks or so.

Today I was confronted with a fare of £1 per adult and 50p for each child, that would make the cost at least £4 for a two- or three-minute trip across. The old fare of £1 was, I believe, a fair price and encouraged support for the bridge.

I felt sorry for the attendants who are forced to charge these very high charges simply because the bridge is now a tourist attraction. The attendants told me the use of the bridge had fallen off since the new charges were introduced (secretly introduced that is).

I for one, although very sadly, will no longer support the bridge, which no doubt will fall into disuse and decay over the next year or so and will be demolished, another death knell for Newport.

The cost of driving around is pennies compared to the bridge. Common sense has been knobbled.

Bob Shillabeer Byron Place Caldicot