MAY I say that I have no grumbles about Mr B. R. Hall of Rogerstone finding reason to feel like having a go at my memories though he may do me the honour of reading them correctly. I’m quite sure that I said that any denial that Westminster treated the Welsh badly would be pointless and untrue.

In other words I said Westminster did treat Wales badly and whilst it’s true that no bombs were dropped in 1939 the air raid sirens were sounded and we sheltered from what we believed were German bombers.

We knew that Herman Goring had them and we believed he would use them to give us a pounding, my Father and uncles thought so. I’m not and never have been a Scargill fan, but I will say from the bottom of my heart, God bless miners everywhere. I think the Turks will agree?

I am aware of the so called phoney war Mr Hall, but I think you have the snuff up your nose and suggest you calm down a bit before you start letting fly.

Are you seriously suggesting that Alex Salmond is like Braveheart, WOW!

Walt Jackson Llantrisant Usk