RE. ARGUS letter “Royal welcome”. Carol Churcher of Newbridge wrote a lovely letter that I enjoyed reading. It was published Thurs. 22nd May. We need more letters like that Carol. I felt a real sense of the happiness the event gave you as I read it. Seeing the Queen and Prince Phillip and listening to the children singing on a warm sunny day, if anyone can do that well its Welsh kids.

What I’d like to do is explain to Andrew Nutt how, as a kid, I lived in a stone built terrace house at the bottom of a steep hill. It had a stone flagged back yard with a very damp stone water closet. I was grateful for the dampness because it softened the newspaper cut up into strips, tied with string and hung on a nail.

We had a galvanised bath tub hung upside down outside the back door. I was dunked regularly in that tub and de-scaled. I was almost 40 by the time I got to live on a farm. Yes I’m lucky to have animals around me, among them is a 31 year old piebald mare, now long retired and with the sweetest ever temperament. I bought her completely untrained when she was 3. I thank the Lord for people like Pope Frances who care for society and for Plaid Cymru who also seem to care. Keep right on to the end of the road Andrew, all any of us can do is to try and get it right!

Walt Jackson Llantrisant Usk