RECENTLY in the SW Argus there have been reports of smokers being fined hundreds of pounds for dropping cigarette ends. This is typical of the persecution of smokers; other litter bugs with much worse litter get off with no charge.

Laws such as smokers are not allowed to smoke at a bus stop or in a bus station are further evidence of insane laws persecuting smokers; laws which bring the law into contempt.

The introduction of plain boxes for cigarettes means that fake branded cigarettes can easily break into the market.

Under the trade description act there should be more information on the box and not less information so smokers can choose between the different brands.

All this with excessive taxation including taxes on taxes mean that black market smugglers are taking the trade.

Further to this; the persecution of tobacco users offers little hope for those of us who would like to legalise such substances as cannabis.

Stephen Toomer Chepstow Road Newport