DEAR Cllr Bob Wellington, under the “Freedom of Information Act” I wonder if you could be so kind to inform me why our informative news sheet “Resistance” (produced by the Anarchist Federation) has been removed from Pontypool library?

The “Socialist Standard” (produced by the Socialist party of Great Britain) has also been removed. As both of these publications are free and cost the council nothing I can only presume this has been a political decision?

I wonder could you please give me the full details? I have been informed a person from Torfaen council came into the library and removed the above stating that it was the council’s policy not to stock “party political” periodicals.

Could you elaborate? What about party political books or part political websites?

Maybe the council has plans to censor these as well? As all of the newspapers in the library are pro-capitalist perhaps you should remove these?

I always thought that in any democracy there should be freedom of speech?

Does Torfaen council favour a totalitarian state?

Terry Banfield Cardigan Crescent Cwmbran