THEY say prejudice today is the same as 30 years ago. I am prejudiced against MPs and peers obtaining our money for work not done.

I am prejudiced against bank bosses receiving bonuses they have not earned from the money we paid in to keep them in their jobs. I am prejudiced against businesses that move abroad leaving us to pick up the bill in paying unemployment and other benefits. I am prejudiced against people from other countries taking work from British people first.

I am prejudiced against the number of illegal immigrants in this country who cannot be returned to their own countries for numerous reasons, leaving us to pick up the bill and live with the consequences. I am prejudiced against immigrants who come to this country and carry out deplorable acts, yet remain here as their human rights are breached.

Cam/Clegg, pull your fingers out and act decisively. You don’t have long.

Ken Holder Hill Street Risca