I WAS interested to read your story about Megan Lewis and her problems with signing on and playing for Riverside Rovers as the rules of the Football Association of Wales prevent this.

However, this is not the first time that this has happened in Newport.

Back in 1971, I was secretary of Pill YMCA junior football teams and we had a young lady who was ten years old and wanted to play for our team. Knowing that she was an excellent footballer, we signed her.

A little while later, I had a call from my friend, Paul Tully, who was the football reporter on the Argus at that time, telling me that the Welsh FA had to change their rules because of us. The incident was reported in both the Argus and the Daily Express and I still have my copies of those papers from June 1971.

Keep trying, Megan. I wish you all the best!

Bill Tasker New Pastures Newport