SOME aspects of the Alfie Brown trial (Argus, June 7) are as puzzling as they are shocking. According to the article, in 2004, his 15-year-old girlfriend (obviously under age) became pregnant by him when he was approximately 20 years old.

Yet, despite the worries of the girl’s mother, who informed social services and the police about the relationship, nothing appeared to have been done. One cannot help but think that if Alfie Brown had been an ageing celebrity, he would have been clapped in irons before you could say “Gary Glitter”.

In the same article, a Gwent Police spokesman has the gall to brag about the services they offer to victims of crime.

It’s a pity they hadn’t acted a bit sooner and nipped Alfie Brown’s criminal behaviour in the bud before he went any further.

One more question: how many other under age girls known to Gwent Police are in similar relationships and are they prosecuting the men (boys) involved?

A Greenhalgh Ross Street Newport