PERHAPS Tory AM Mohammad Asghar would like to tell the thousands of people lucky enough to have a job that they can stay somewhere close to their place of employment and charge it to Joe Public.

Why doesn’t he make an effort to get up early enough to allow himself plenty of time to get to his cushy place of employment?

Every other worker throughout the country has to do so and at their own expense. Some have to be at work long before 9am.

Mr Asghar must have many sleepless nights wondering what else he can I and my his colleagues can dream up that we they can legally claim.

All politicians’ excuses are that expenses are legal, but they are legal because politicians make their own rules.

It is no wonder that a lot of people have given up voting. All parties are the same. Just in it to see what more money they can fleece from the public. Politicians should be made to provide records to prove that their time is spent on appropriate subjects beneficial to the general public.

C Portal Ringland Newport