DURING the recent turmoil in Welsh Rugby, the Welsh media has been shameful.

Welsh TV and newspapers have ignored much of this whole saga about finance, governance and the potential collapse of rugby in Wales below international level.

To give an example, David Moffett said the £16.6m used to pay off the stadium debt could have been put to use by the WRU at grassroots level and may have prevented closure of clubs such as Newbridge United. This was not reported by national Welsh media.

I thank and congratulate you and in particular Chris Kirwan for reporting this and other issues with regards to the WRU, RRW and Moffett in the Argus. Chris has been a revelation in reporting items other news agencies have not.

He has also fronted up on the Dragons or Newport question. He has been a shining light of integrity compared to other “journalists” in South Wales. Keep up the good work.

Dai Williams Pillmawr Circle Newport