THERE was no mercy for 185,331 unborn children, according to abortion figures for the UK recently published for 2013.

Every year when the UK abortion statistics are published, we hope that by some extraordinary miracle there will be evidence that the relentless attack on the unborn human child through abortion is – if not yet at an end – at least showing some real signs of weakening.

The vast majority of abortions are, as ever, justified under Ground C (mental health of the women) and it is acknowledged in the Department of Health Report that there is no breakdown of what the mental health issues involved consist of.

In 2012, there were 180,117 such abortions and the number has risen to 180,680 in the 2013 table... for the mental health of the mother?

Is pregnancy such a dire threat to women’s mental health? Is anyone reading the growing body of evidence of abortion itself as a risk to mental health?

Norman Plaisted Vivian Road Newport